As Keynote Speak at the World's Largest Travel Market Show ITB. Percy von Lipinski has been called upon to address areas including Press Fam Management, Social Media for Tourism and Hollywood in your country.

We've been producing compact, award winning independent, video newsworthy stories for hundreds of satisfied tourism board clients for years. Sometimes we work with tourism boards directly. That is likely why you arrived here on this page. Sometimes we work as one part of a PR team effort. Chances are we've met at a forum or you've seen our work.

If you own a TV or computer you've most certainly seen our work, whether it's the evening news, CNN, PBS, Larry King, Jay Leno, CCCTV China, NTV Japan or hundreds of other shows.

"We've been honored with the industry's highest awards in travel." Lets have a frank discussion about how media is changing and how we can help you navigate this new world. Did you know that Asians are by far the largest users of Social Media. If you are not working with a company to address this market you are losing a huge amount of business and marketing ROI.

A great starting place is our recent “White Paper” for ITB or Press and Media Familiarization: New Rules, the World's largest International Travel Show where we regularly present on media and location coverage. Download For Free

We know that at least 62% of people viewing a video go on to complete a booking vs. 38% for pictures alone and considerably less for text only. These are hard numbers to argue against.

Yet they only tell part of the story because in order to view the video travellers have to find the video and that's where SEO optimized, media content creation comes in. It takes a lot more than great video to get attention.

Of course everybody wants to be in the TV news cycle and front page news. We've put more locations and people there than pretty well anyone else. Being front page news may be the short term goal but it's rarely the best long term strategy. That comes down to producing "green" or recyclable video content that can live on for many years due to it's higher broadcast value and special filming tricks.

Working directly with a tourism board provides us the greatest flexibility. Every destination in the world is competing against every other destination in the world. Travel dollars overall are stagnant with little growth forecast for years to come. This is why it's more important than ever to engage a news generator such as The Travel Media Group to help create the “Hooks and Pegs” required for a news editor to publish or broadcast your story.

Sometimes a little bit of bad news can quickly turn a tourism board into a nightmare of survival for years. Buying your way out of a mess like this can be a very expensive way to try and solve the problem. Let us have a nice talk about how we can help you with an effective plan that puts you back where you belong with your message of change, Front and Centre in the world news cycle.

We charge a fee for our services. With that fee and our standard terms we are able to enforce a mutually beneficial contract. In other words we don't get paid unless you get results, that's our job and our contract is your guarantee.

Ask us how we took a $12,000 total production budget and turned it into an ad campaign worth over $317,000 that is still going strong and still worth over $800 per month ROI.

Testimonial: “We brought in Percy Lipinski from the Travel Media Group to promote our destination. We were very impressed with how Percy literally landed and began with an outline of how he planned to feature us. By the time he left, some 10 days later he had created 4 amazing videos with SEO and within a few months he completed 4 more. These videos were featured on over 40 popular international video websites including the BBC and China in multiple languages with at least 500,000 opt in views and we are getting many more every day.”