If you know what the letters EPK stand for then we need to talk. We have produced dozens of EPK's for many years. We're well known for being able to get the message, your message out in an easy to digest compact video. Whether it's “A” list stars for a movie or the local tourism director we'll make you look like the on screen star that you are. Our carefully prepared scripts allow us to get you comfortable with your message. We'll sit you with an experienced interviewer that will make you comfortable and relaxed in a natural and pleasing way no matter how much experience you have or don't have. Fancy editing with multiple camera's and prime lenses enure that the the finished video is worthy of a view by anyone you choose.

Testimonial: “Percy Lipinski was hired to produce our EPK's. He brought us much more than we expected. Not only was his video kit among the best quality we had seen, he was ready at a moments notice during the filming of our movie. His interviews were well thought out and crafted with attention to detail. He covered a lot of ground with each interview, whether on set or back in the trailers. With big name celebrities it is absolutely vital that we are able to fit their constantly changing availability. EPK's are crucial for our business model and we have no hesitation in recommending him...if he's not on contract to use at the time.”

HOT Tip: Ask to see an equipment list and a list of typical interview questions and answers.