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We are down right giddy about the prospects of Social Media for travel. It took some time for us to arrive at the conclusion that there are really very few ideas that transport well across Social Media. Travel and the Entertainment industry are ideal candidates. Personally we're not at all comfortable with the pairing of the words Social and Media but that's what most people understand and that's why we headed this page with them. Our preferred term is Social Bandwidth which we feel more accurately describes the partnership we enter into with companies such as Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest to name just a few. There is not much social with media. It's been a one way street for a long time.

For the first time in the history of travel even the tiniest of countries can now actively promote their destinations on an equal basis with budgets that are a fraction of what the big countries play with. To the small countries of the world, we say congratulations you now have the ability to drive tourism dollars to your location like never before but you have to know what your doing. Throw out any tourism manuals that are more than a few years old and let us show you how to turn millions of your travellers into unpaid salespeople working for your destination.

We charge a fee for our services. With that fee and our standard terms we are able to enforce a mutually beneficial contract. In other words we don't get paid unless you get results, that's our job and our contract is your guarantee.

Testimonial: “Our travel marketing agency has been trying to develop a social media strategy specifically designed for tourism for some time now. We finally brought in The Travel Media Group with Mr. Lipinski and all I can say is I wish we had started this sooner. Percy is a our "go to" media person for all social and broadcast media content with outstanding results. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any M.R. or P.R. firm looking to book an effective tourism campaign using the very latest in media assets.”