Sure everybody is producing web videos these days. We also hear the crying when that video sits there with 50 views, 49 of which are friends and family. Look, there's no way we can send a crew to your location somewhere in the world and come in at a price that makes sense for you just to be on youtube or whatever video service you use.

We believe strongly in “paying forward”. To that end we'll assemble a team of professional media people to assemble your project at no cost to you. It might look like it's all fun and games when we're working but let us assure you our days are long and we work, usually dawn to dusk. In fact we usually need a vacation after we're done with a country.

If you've gotta a deserving location and we're in need pitch us and we may make our way there for an amazing production with all the video optimization and coverage we're famous for. In return we'll use our same level of expertise to produce a series of amazing stories for you to use and you won't see a bill. Obviously we can't say yes to many of these but if it's a worthwhile charity and we like your pitch we'll put it in the list for consideration and with the right “hook and peg” we'll even get it broadcast.

Testimonial: “Mr. Lipinski came out to our property after a long battle with several agencies that charged a huge fee and delivered nothing. Mr. Lipinski started immediately by interviewing our managers, staff and even a few select guests. He was able to quickly develop a video strategy that has not only put our property back at the top of Google but more importantly has brought our property past historic booking levels for all seasons of the year. We look forward to his regular visit.”

HOT Tip: Actually our advice for charity is exactly the same as it is for commercial work. The most important rules are to get commitments, see and analyze dates of recent work and see an outline “before” they head to your location. Tell them to send you a list of links where their videos can be seen. Check Klout scores.