You've likely been hosting travel journalists for some time either independently or through a PR Firm or Ad agency.

We've been honored with the industry's highest reporting awards.

We're routinely quoted.

Lets have a frank discussion about how media is changing and how we can help you navigate this new world. Did you know that Asians are by far the largest

users of Social Media. If you are not working with a company to address this market you are losing a huge amount of business and marketing ROI.

A great starting place is our recent “White Paper” for ITB or Press and Media Familiarization: New Rules, the World's largest International Travel Show where we regularly present on media and location coverage. Download For Free

We know that at least 62% of people viewing a video go on to complete a booking vs. 38% for pictures alone and considerably less for text only. These are hard numbers to argue against. Yet they only tell part of the story because in order to view the video travellers have to find the video and that's where SEO optimized, media content creation comes in. It takes a lot more than great video to get attention.

We've been producing compact, award winning independent, video newsworthy stories for hundreds of satisfied destinations and products for years. Getting you're Destination or Location featured in the news is not easy but it can and has been done by The Travel Media Group. Tours and specific locations can all be featured in a newsworthy story with that all important “Hook or Peg” for a news editor if an experienced company such as ours handles your product. It always starts with high quality, concise and entertaining video.

How many times have you invited so called “travel journalists” to visit in return for a promise of “great” coverage? Don't answer that, I know, “a lot” and how many times did you get good results, I know that answer as well. The truth is it is virtually impossible to get your location to tie into a story that an editor will let pass. More often than not the reply is, “If they want a plug, tell em to call advertising”. One trick we use is to create a “Legitimate Hook or Peg” that the editors can use to tie the story to. If not then we blanket the web with over 100 different video locations in multiple languages. Let us help you create that for you.

We charge a fee for our services. With that fee and our standard terms we are able to enforce a mutually beneficial contract. In other words we don't get paid unless you get results, that's our job and our contract is your guarantee.

Ask us how we took a $12,000 total production budget and turned it into an ad campaign worth over $317,000 that is still going strong and still worth over $800 per month ROI.

Testimonial: “Our small tourism office has no hesitation recommending Percy Lipinski with the Travel Media Group. We had seen his Keynote Speech at ITB and were intrigued with the possibilities he presented during the "Social Media for Emerging Tourism Destinations Seminar". We were amazed at how Tab C effective his tourism marketing efforts are but more importantly the knowledge we gained from working with his team. Our tourism department is actively implementing his very effective strategy.”

HOT Tips: The most important rules are to get commitments, see and analyze dates of recent work and see an outline “before” they head to your location. Tell them to send you a list of links where their videos can be seen. How many views on their channel. Youtube is good at verifying stats, CNN and iReport are unreliable at best. Check Klout scores.