Example of a NON hosted story

Typically unhosted video news stories. (I appear minimally on camera) Video story editing takes place over the course of up to one year. Typically about 1 story shot/produced per day.

Example of a Two Person Story

Includes Camera Operator to permit professionally hosted productions. Hosted videos typically do much better in ratings as my audience gets to engage with my familiar face and I can work to help bring out the story on camera. We can typically produce as many as three stories per shooting day. Editing still can take up to a year in order to cash in on special dates (Valentines Day for example we run a lot of romance stories).

Example of a Three Person Story

Three Person Crew: Is as above but we field edit which means video completion is at least 50% done by the time we're ready to leave the country. We can host any missing or bad scenes on the spot. The extra edit time means the stories are much more smooth, slick, tight and elegant and the client gets much more direct input in location as we shoot. You see what we have before we leave, you can see the difference this makes in things such as view counts, vetting ratios and broadcasts. Professional hosting is much more than a talking head, it's someone with screen appeal.

We charge a fee for our services. With that fee and our standard terms we are able to enforce a mutually beneficial contract. In other words we don't get paid unless you get results, that's our job and our contract is your guarantee.