After reporting as CNNi's highest awarded Travel Guru for over 6 years I formed The Travel Media Group to bring my team of video professionals over to more of a web based platform.

As Keynote Speak at the World's Largest Travel Market Show ITB. Percy von Lipinski has been called upon to address areas including Press Fam Management, Social Media for Tourism and Hollywood in your country.

Although we still do broadcast when requested, we like web content because frankly all of our stories can be seen on any new TV through our main broadcast division, World Press Media.

We can control the experience from start to finish. Our viewers have been telling us for some time they want to see our content on demand and in many cases be able to quickly make a purchase decision.

We are at our core a team of highly trained professionals in media. Our awards list consists of Oscars, Emmy's, Golden Globes, CNN in house, Leo's, BAFTA and many more.

We recognize that getting a video shot anywhere in the world is not very difficult, even very good video.

However video production is a small fraction of our total commitment to you. We produce video that is seen by literally millions of opt in viewers ready to make that important decision to buy. If they can't find your video in their language what use is it? We use the worldwide broadcast services of youtube and over 100 other video sites for every video we produce at World Press Media.